Steampunk Polaroid

RA Friedman menulis, "I've produced a working Steampunk Polaroid mod that uses Fuji pack film. I have to calibrate the focusing scale and make some other improvements, but the beastie works.

An old Polaroid 405 back, some foam, a rubber band, a small bungy and a bit of cogitation and voila! The camera is only about four pounds and takes big 3.25 x 4.25 shots. The final version will be able to fold up easily and won't need bungies. I also hope to add a ground glass for more accurate focusing. Why you ask? Well a Crown Graphic is a bit big to carry around all the time and this will easily fit in my travel bag.

I'm not really sure what brand this camera actually is. It's sort like a Voigtlander Avus, but more cheaply made. It has a Deckel shutter and a Zeiss lens, so it's not trash, but it lacks a tripod socket on the bed , so thus the funky tripod arrangement using a flash bracket.

If the bellows look new, it's because they are. A very nice gent named John Fyfe made a new set for this baby and also overhauled the camera and shutter so it works like new. What would I do without people who do stuff like this?"

*Walaupun apa yang mat saleh tu tulis wa tak berapa nak pikap, tapi wa teringin pulak nak try eksperimen jadi gambar macam tu.

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