Susu Ajaib

Tentang Susu Ajaib yang juga ditulis oleh Susu Ajaib sendiri (gua copy paste dari diorang je) :

Susu Ajaib is young and vibrant. we see no boundaries in creativity, in conceptions beyond normal senses. our main objectives are to inform, innovate, inspire and intrigue. Susu Ajaib is about graphics, art, design and culture. it's about creation, feeling good and making simple but meaningful connections. we celebrate the simple wonders of life and then some...

the team behind Susu Ajaib is a creative collective of designers, artists and problem solvers who are about graphics, art, design and culture. we are dedicated to churn out new ideas, powerful visuals and exciting products. rather than reproducing the status quo, we think of new visual possibilities, creating off the wall and effective solutions for print, apparel, products and events.

besides creating our own products such as tshirts, little creatures, button badges, stationary, accessories, toys, cuppacakes etc, the Susu Ajaib shop also select creative, interesting and independent labels and designers in music, clothing, accessories, magazines, design books, toys etc, both local and across the world that push ideas forward.

and at Susu Ajaib cafe, you can enjoy delicious freshly baked cupcakes in a variety of flavours to suit every tastebuds. wash it down with a cup of heavenly fresh brewed espresso drink. also available, a scrumptious selection of light snacks from toasted sandwiches to steaming hot buttery baked potato with a variety of fresh homemade filling.


Penat gua baca 27 kali. Satu pun gua tak jumpa perkataan "lomography". Gua kena jumpa "ustaz" lain la lepas ni.

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