Wa kena tagged dgn cik baby.
Wajib ke wa reply?
Wa layan tagged pula sebab wa dah takde keje. ok.
Cara-caranya camnih:

Okay, here’s the rule: Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below.Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer.After that tag 7 people.

-the age of next birthday -

-place i'd like to travel -

tokyo, city of lights!

-a favourite food -

tempe goreng, rules!

- a favourite place -

pulau! pulau!

– nickname i had -

– a favourite color -

hitam arang bbq / purple air laut

– college major –

– name of my love –

elisha cuthbert. perfect!

– a hobby –

mencari kamera polaroid

– a bad habit –

penghisap surya tegar

– my wish list –

7 tagged people:

1. iyan loser
2. mael katak
3. mukhrizlatif
4. delina
5. emaburnsred
6. faisal aziz
7. acit spacemaggot


mukhrizlatif said...

jadah tag gua...

acituvwxyz said...

haha pundek. sipak kunik

acituvwxyz said...

haha pundek. sipak kunik

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