Hai Bob !!

Mesej dari Richard Legg,

"hello, i have just been looking at your photos and they are awesome! i am starting an open to all photography exhibition as part of the promotion work for a book/graphic novel i am making, would you be interested in taking some photos for it? the idea for the project is that i send you a small cardboard figure (the main character in the book) and you take photos with it, then you can post the photos on the "have you seen bob" page. when i have loads of great photos i will put together an exhibition! if your interested just send me your address and i will send you a cut out.


p.s here is a poster from the book so you can see what it will be like."

Gua harap sukses.


ripsta said...

congrats bam...semoga berjaya

lomo on!

delina said...

diam diam..

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